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For a limited time, raw access setup fee waived for existing ISPs with 100 customers or more!


Setup Fee: $99.00

The pricing below includes only the raw dialup, please see the "Options" section for email, personal web space and other add-ons available. If you would like more info or want to signup please fill out our info request form, call us toll free at (888) 230-5333 or send us an email.

Services are pre-pay only, this is industry standard. There are no minimum user requirements, $25/month administration fee applies to all accounts with fewer than 20 customers. The $25 per month admin fee is waived once you reach your 20 active user.

Dialup user account names are setup using our backend interface and will be under one of our generic realms such as Our generic realms are completely generic and transparent to your customers. If your customer gets curious and types into their web browser they will only see a plain white page that says nothing but "Please see your ISP for details".

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      Membership Legend
Level 1 1-99 Users
    Level 2 100-999 Users
    Level 3 1000+ Users





Membership Raw Pricing Legend
Network Hourly Limit Level 1 Price Level 2 Price Level 3 Price
Network B Unlimited Call Call Call

*What does the word "Unlimited" mean, as in YourOwnISP's unlimited Internet Access offerings? In short, our unlimited offerings are unlimited NOT dedicated. They are meant to be unlimited while sitting in front of the computer normally surfing the Internet. Connections are not meant to be kept connected all of the time while the end user may or may not even be home using ping software utilities. The connections are not meant to be a 24 hour music download service for example. All ISP's exist because they sell shared modem service which means that the modems can't be taken up ALL of the time by the same end users. If the modem is connected to one user virtually all of the time then the modem is not really shared at all, it's dedicated. Dedicated connections typically cost between $100-$200 per month and can be quoted upon request, please submit a ticket to the helpdesk for details on this offering.


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