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Q: What does "Unlimited" mean, as in the Unlimited Internet Access offered on some networks through YourOwnISP?

A: In short, our unlimited offerings are unlimited NOT dedicated. They are meant to be unlimited while sitting in front of the computer normally surfing the Internet. Connections are not meant to be kept connected all of the time while the end user may or may not even be home using ping software utilities. The connections are not meant to be a 24 hour music download service for example. All ISP's exist because they sell shared modem service which means that the modems can't be taken up ALL of the time by the same end users. If the modem is connected to one user virtually all of the time then the modem is not really shared at all, it's dedicated. Dedicated connections typically cost between $100-$200 per month and can be quoted upon request, please submit a ticket to the helpdesk for details on this offering.

Q: How much will it cost me to get started?

A: Our setup fee for raw access is only $99.00. This covers raw Internet access only, not email or any other options you might want. If you want additional options like email, go to our options page and total the setup fee for each option plus the $99.00 setup fee for your account. This will give you the total you will need to get started. Since all services are on a prepayment basis you will also be required to give us at least $50 as a prepayment on your account. The prepayment simply goes on your account as a credit for future services, we bill all services against your balance. Here is a quick example, if you wanted email and Internet access for your customers you would pay the $99 account setup fee, $199 email setup fee, and your prepayment of at least $50. So the total to get started with access and email only would be $348.00. To get a complete quote using our Instant Quote Calculator click here.

Q: Do I have to pay a setup fee each time I add a user to one of your networks?

A: No, there are no setup fees for you to add users to the networks.

Q: If I add or delete a user in the middle of the month for example, do I only pay a partial month for that user.

A: Sorry, no you pay for a full month regardless of when the user was added or deleted. If you have looked around at other wholesale offerings you already know that this is industry standard. There is no pro-ration in the wholesale dialup industry. The large dialup networks that we buy our/your service from charge us the same way so we must pass this on to you.

Q: Can I sell broadband (Cable or DSL) through Your Own ISP?

A: At this time we do not offer broadband for two important reasons. The phone companies are really the ones that do the installs etc. and if you have much experience dealing with phone companies you know how much they are in a rush to do things WINK WINK. SO we feel with all the poor customer service in the telephone industry that this will really just give you and us a black eye. Cable is not really available for resale and the phone companies have a hold on DSL. We could offer a DSL reseller program tomorrow if we wanted but the rates available for basic DSL service start at about $55 a month wholesale, the phone companies sell it retail for as low as $39. With this type of pricing structure there is no profit to be made for us or you to sell DSL. The telephone companies really have the market right now.

Q: Isn't dialup just on it's way out? Why would I want to jump on a sinking ship?

A: People have been saying "dialup will be dead in a year" for years now. Fact is, dialup is seeing one of it's best times ever. Why you ask? Let us count the ways, economy is rough right now and the average Joe or Mary that spends a few hours a week on the Internet can't see spending $50 a month for Broadband. Times are tight and they figure $20 a month sounds better than $50 and hey, dialup was not that bad. Also the novelty of broadband has wore off, only those that are power users or do business on the Internet are willing to spend the money for Broadband, everyone else is back to dialup. Lot's of users still can't get broadband if they wanted to AND some that got it, lost it because XYZ broadband company went bankrupt. If you are still not convinced, remember that all the FREE isp are basically gone. All those previous free users are now buying paid accounts again.

Q: Netzero and a few others have Internet access for $10 a month, how do I compete with that?

A: How about we turn the tables a bit and ask you this.. If AOL can charge $23.90 per month for Internet access then why can't you charge $19.95 for your service which will surely be better? Remember, AOL is the largest ISP in the world and they are also the most expensive. Don't get roped into believing that the only way to sell Internet is to be the cheapest. The average person in America directly ties the price to the quality of the product or service. So they figure if you have a cheap price it must be because your service stinks, guess what? They don't buy! When starting your ISP it's much smarter to set your pricing where you will be profitable from the start. You can set your prices to whatever you want but we do want to give you the best advice we have anyhow. After all, if you don't put on accounts we make ZIP!

Q: How long will it take me to get setup to the point where I can actually start activating customers?

A: Raw access accounts can be up within as little as a few hours. For other optional service the lead time varies but most are completed within a few days.

Q: Do you offer a finders fee if I send other ISP's to you and they signup?

A: Yes, we do not have a standard or set finders fee. We base all finders fees on the type of customer you send and the potential volume they will produce. We are pretty generous overall but all we can say here is that we will offer you some kind of finders fee to show our appreciation.

Q: What type of support do you offer to me the wholesaler?

A: We request that all issues be submitted through our web based trouble ticket system. Using our ticket system allows all your problems and questions to be recorded and tracked. You will get better and faster support and resolutions to your questions because those that can answer your questions are always monitoring the ticket system. Sending email to one person or calling one person who may not be available is less efficient and your request may be delayed if that person if out of the office etc. Of course if you have an emergency issue that requires a phone call, we have no problem getting on the phone with you to resolve the issue. Support hours are 9am to 9pm Central time for all issues and 24/7 for emergency issues only.

Q: When one of my customers needs technical assistance, who handles this?

A: Since this is your ISP, this part is up to you. We may offer end user technical support in the future but at this time we do not.

Q: When I setup customers through Your Own ISP are the customers mine or are they Your Own ISP's?

A: They are 100% yours! In fact when you setup a user through our system we do not even need their name or contact info, all we need is username and password. BEWARE of other wholesale providers that have clauses in their contracts to take over your customer base in certain instances. If a wholesaler requires your customers name and contact info, you should ask yourself why they even need that.

Q: Do you bill my customers or do I?

A: All end user billing is up to you, we bill you and you bill your customers. Some of our competitors claim to do your billing for you. In most cases all they are doing is adding your customers name and card number to their merchant system which bills your customer automatically every month. We have found some of our competitors claiming that they offer free billing but then they list the per transaction charge and a percentage. So that's not really free is it? You will be charged a per transaction fee and a percentage through any merchant account provider but these fees will be much lower if you go and get your own merchant account. Also you will have much more control over the charges and reports etc. Once again, you will be billing your customer directly without us contacting them for any reason. Most merchant account provider offer an auto billing feature that allows you to set each customer up once and have them billed each month automatically. Now we could do as our competitors do and say we offer billing but really you can do the same thing yourself just as easy and for much less money. Even if you don't have the time or money to setup your own merchant account you can easily and cheaply use or . Both of these offerings are setup instantly and both offer automated billing of your customers each month. Paypal has no setup fee and 2checkout's is $49.

Q: Is Your Own ISP hiring?

A: Lightwave Technologies and Your Own ISP is always looking to add talented, friendly, hard working and honest people to our group of fine employees. If you are willing to treat our customers and potential customers as if they were your family then please send your resume to .

Q: How do I add funds to my account balance?

A: Inside your control panel you can add funds using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Paypal.

Q: How do I activate, delete, suspend my customers accounts?

A: This and MUCH more is all handled inside our web based control panel.

Q: Each time I add a new user in the control panel, how long does it take for the customer's account to be live?

A: Instantly, as quick as you can push the submit button.

Q: I do not see a dialup number in my area on any of your networks, can you put one here?

A: Sorry, we only offer service in the areas listed on our Access Number page. Bringing up services on a per request basis is not something we can offer at this time.

Q: How do I signup? I want to get started!

A: We do not offer an online signup because we want to be sure you understand everything about our offering before you move forward, please call (888) 904-VISP (8477) from 9am to 9pm Central time any day of the week. Just let us know that you want to signup up for Wholesale Internet Services and your call will be routed to a new account specialist. Once our services, options, features etc. are explained to you the activation specialist will complete and submit your order to our activation dept.. Alternatively you can fill out our information request form here.









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