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  Dialup Acceleration Option

Be more competitive, make more money off your existing customer base, attract more customers by selling the next best thing to broadband!


Your Own ISP is proud to announce our accelerated Internet service powered by Propel. Now includes Pop Up Blocker &  Ad Banner Blocker Technology!


What is Propel Accelerator?
It's the fastest Web Accelerator on the market!

If you surf the Internet using a dial-up connection, you are painfully aware of how slow Web pages load. Propel Accelerator is a subscription-based service that works with any Your Own ISP dial-up connection, allowing you to dramatically increase your surfing speed. Pages that previously took almost 30 seconds to load, can now be viewed in less than 7 seconds, on average, and sometimes even faster according to Propel.

With Propel internet accelerator Pages that previously took almost 30 seconds to load now can be viewed in less than 7 seconds!

Propel Accelerator is the next best thing to DSL, at a fraction of the price. Unlike costly and limited-availability broadband solutions, Propel Accelerator is:

  • Available anywhere there is a telephone line.
  • Requires NO new hardware.
  • Is easy to install -- a few clicks will download it to your PC!
  • Works seamlessly with any Your Own ISP dialup account.
  • Costs just pennies a day and gives your customers accelerated access to all their favorite Web sites.

$1.95 per active accelerated user plus a $15 per month maintenance fee, and a one time $99.00 setup fee.. Maintenance fee is not per user, it is charged only once per month to the ISP regardless of how many accelerated users are activated. This charge is not across your whole user base, we only charge for each user that you currently have accelerated.

System Requirements: Windows 98 and above, Mac version now available, no other operating systems supported at this time.


For more information on how Propel works please visit the Propel Website. If you would like to add this option to your order be sure to tell you sales rep!



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